Indian Polity Test – 6


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#1. The proclamation of emergency automatically brings to suspension the right to

#2. Under what circumstances some of the fundamental rights be suspend?

#3. The minimum age for being eligible to become the Prime Minister of India is

#4. Which of the following state Governors enjoys special powers with regard to the administration of tribal area?

#5. Who holds the power of judicial review in India?

#6. Planning commission of India is a/an

#7. The retiring age of supreme court judge is

#8. Money can be spent out of the consolidated fund of India with the approval of

#9. President’s rule can be imposed in a state for maximum period of

#10. Jain commission enquiry is related to

#11. The Governor of a state enjoys

#12. Which is the lengthiest amendment to the constitution of India?

#13. Planning commission is established by

#14. Which state has the largest number of Lok Sabha members?

#15. Election disputes are decided by

#16. The constitution of India came into force on

#17. The planning commission was set up in which year?

#18. Select the correct sequence Vice-President of India

#19. The constitution of India is

#20. The chairman of the planning commission is

#21. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India is appointed by

#22. The first Municipal Corporation of India was established at

#23. Three-Tier system of Panchayat Raj is recommended by

#24. The centre-State relations is enquired by

#25. The fundamental rights of the Indian constitution are enshrined in