UPSSSC Gram Panchayat Adhikari, Excise Constable, X Ray Technician, Dental and Other Various Exam Syllabus 2023

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

A. Brief overview of UPSSSC Gram Panchayat Adhikari, Excise Constable, X Ray Technician, Dental Exam B. Importance of understanding the exam syllabus

II. UPSSSC Gram Panchayat Adhikari Exam Syllabus

A. General Intelligence and Reasoning B. General Awareness C. Quantitative Aptitude D. Hindi Language & Comprehension E. Detailed subtopics under each section

III. Excise Constable Exam Syllabus

A. General Knowledge B. General Hindi C. Numerical & Mental Ability D. Elementary Mathematics E. Overview of the syllabus content

IV. X Ray Technician Exam Syllabus

A. Anatomy & Physiology B. Radiographic Techniques C. Radiation Protection D. Pathology E. Comprehensive breakdown of topics

V. Dental Exam Syllabus

A. Dental Materials B. Oral Pathology C. Prosthodontics D. Periodontics E. In-depth discussion on each subject

VI. Other Various Exams

A. Overview of additional exams covered B. Commonalities and differences in syllabi C. Importance of a comprehensive study plan

VII. Tips for Effective Exam Preparation

A. Time management strategies B. Resource utilization C. Mock tests and practice papers D. Revision techniques E. Real-life success stories

VIII. Importance of Understanding Syllabus

A. Enhancing preparation efficiency B. Tailoring study plans C. Building confidence in candidates D. Mitigating exam-related stress E. Link between syllabus understanding and exam success

IX. Staying Updated with Exam Changes

A. Importance of keeping track of exam updates B. Reliable sources for exam-related information C. Adapting study plans to changes D. The significance of mock tests in staying current E. Real-world examples of the impact of updated syllabi

X. Conclusion

A. Recap of the importance of knowing the exam syllabus B. Encouragement for effective and focused preparation


A. How often does the UPSSSC exam syllabus change? B. Are there any recommended study materials for these exams? C. Can I rely solely on mock tests for preparation? D. What is the weightage of each section in the exams? E. How can I obtain the latest updates on exam syllabus changes?

Important Dates

UPSSSC Junior Assistant Main Syllabus Available : 05/06/2023 UPSSSC Supply Inspector, UDA, LDA Syllabus Available : 23/05/2022 UPSSSC Lekhpal Syllabus Available : 08/12/2021 UPSSSC Instructor Syllabus Available : 11/11/2021 UPSSSC Swastha Karykarta Syllabus Available : 10/11/2021 UPSSSC PET 2022 Syllabus Available : 28/06/2022 UPSSSC Combined Technical 2016 Revised Syllabus Available : 23/08/2022 UPSSSC Mukhya Sevika Syllabus Available : 31/08/2022 UPSSSC Junior Assistant Syllabus Available : 13/02/2023 UPSSSC Gram Panchayat Adhikari Syllabus Available : 13/09/2023
Exam Conducted
By Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Service Selection Commission UPSSSC, Lucknow Are Conducted Various Recruitment Exam.
How to Download UPSSSC Syllabus PDF Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Service Selection Commission (UPSSSC) conducts many Sarkari job exams in Uttar Pradesh. Whose syllabus UPSSSC keeps on releasing on its official website. Some of the major exams conducted by UPSSSC :-UPSSSC Preliminary Examination Test PET Exam SyllabusUPSSSC Mukhya Sevika Exam SyllabusUPSSSC Instructor Exam SyllabusUPSSSC Swastha Karykarta Exam SyllabusUPSSSC Junior Assistant Exams SyllabusUPSSSC Junior Engineer Exams SyllabusUPSSSC Chakbandi Lekhpal Exams SyllabusUPSSSC Lekhpal SyllabusUPSSSC Excise Constable Exams SyllabusUPSSSC Lower Exams Prelim & Mains SyllabusUPSSSC Sub Engineer Exams SyllabusUPSSSC Mandi Parishad Exams SyllabusUPSSSC Forest / Wildlife Guard Exams SyllabusUPSSSC Combined Technical Recruitment Exams SyllabusUPSSSC Computer Operator Recruitment Exams SyllabusUPSSSC Pharmacist Homeopathic Exam SyllabusUPSSSC Yuva Vikas Dal Adhikari Exam SyllabusUPSSSC Gram Vikas Adhikari VDO Exam SyllabusApart from this, many exams are organized by UPSSSC, whose syllabus is available below in this page, candidates can download in PDF file with a single click.
Download Vacancy Wise UPSSSC Syllabus
Upload DateAdvt No.Syllabus Download
12/10/2023UPSSSC Enforcement Constable 04-Exam/2023 SyllabusClick Here
12/10/2023UPSSSC Dental Hygienist 03-Exam/2023 SyllabusClick Here
12/10/2023UPSSSC X Ray Technician 02-Exam/2023 SyllabusClick Here
13/09/2023UPSSSC Gram Panchayat Adhikari Mains 01-Exam/2023 SyllabusClick Here
13/09/2023UPSSSC Auditor Mains 05-Exam/2023 SyllabusClick Here
02/02/2023UPSSSC Forest Guard Mains 06-Exam/2022 SyllabusClick Here
31/08/2022UPSSSC Mukhya Sevika Mains 05-Exam/2022 SyllabusClick Here
21/08/2022UPSSSC Combined Technical Services 23-Exam/2016 Revised SyllabusClick Here
08/12/2021UPSSSC Supply Inspector, UDA, LDA Exam 2022Click Here
10/11/2021UPSSSC Mahila Swasthya Karykarta Exam 2021Available Soon
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UPSSSC Gram Panchayat Adhikari, Excise Constable, X Ray Technician, Dental and Other Various Exam Syllabus 2023


The UPSSSC Gram Panchayat Adhikari, Excise Constable, X Ray Technician, Dental, and various other exams play a pivotal role in shaping the careers of aspirants. Understanding the intricacies of the exam syllabus is a crucial step toward effective preparation.

UPSSSC Gram Panchayat Adhikari Exam Syllabus

General Intelligence and Reasoning

This section evaluates candidates on logical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

General Awareness

Covering topics from current affairs to historical events, this section tests the candidate’s awareness of the world.

Quantitative Aptitude

Mathematical skills, including numerical ability and data interpretation, are examined in this section.

Hindi Language & Comprehension

Proficiency in the Hindi language and comprehension is crucial for success in this section.

Excise Constable Exam Syllabus

General Knowledge

Candidates are tested on their general knowledge of the world, including current affairs.

General Hindi

Similar to the Gram Panchayat Adhikari exam, this section focuses on Hindi language skills.

Numerical & Mental Ability

This section assesses numerical and mental abilities, essential for law enforcement roles.

Elementary Mathematics

A comprehensive examination of elementary mathematics knowledge required for the role.

X Ray Technician Exam Syllabus

Anatomy & Physiology

Understanding the human body’s structure and functions is key in this section.

Radiographic Techniques

Knowledge of X-ray techniques and imaging processes is essential for X Ray Technician aspirants.

Radiation Protection

This section covers safety measures and protocols in handling radiation equipment.


Candidates are tested on their understanding of diseases and their effects on the human body.

Dental Exam Syllabus

Dental Materials

This section assesses knowledge of materials used in dental procedures.

Oral Pathology

Understanding oral diseases and their manifestations is crucial for success in this section.


Candidates are tested on their knowledge of dental prosthetics and restorations.


This section evaluates knowledge of the structures supporting teeth and their diseases.

Other Various Exams

Overview of Additional Exams Covered

An introduction to other exams included, highlighting their significance.

Commonalities and Differences in Syllabi

Understanding similarities and differences aids in a more holistic study approach.

Importance of a Comprehensive Study Plan

Tailoring study plans to cover all aspects of various exams is essential for success.

Tips for Effective Exam Preparation

Time Management Strategies

Effective time management ensures thorough coverage of syllabus topics.

Resource Utilization

Selecting the right study materials and resources enhances preparation.

Mock Tests and Practice Papers

Regular practice through mock tests helps in understanding the exam pattern.

Revision Techniques

Strategies for efficient revision to reinforce learned concepts.

Real-Life Success Stories

Inspiring tales of individuals who succeeded using effective preparation strategies.

Importance of Understanding Syllabus

Enhancing Preparation Efficiency

Knowing the syllabus allows candidates to focus on relevant topics.

Tailoring Study Plans

Customizing study plans based on the syllabus increases effectiveness.

Building Confidence in Candidates

A clear understanding of the syllabus boosts candidate confidence.

Mitigating Exam-Related Stress

Reducing stress by being well-versed with the exam syllabus.

Link Between Syllabus Understanding and Exam Success

Understanding the syllabus directly correlates with exam success.

Staying Updated with Exam Changes

Importance of Keeping Track of Exam Updates

Being aware of changes in the exam pattern and syllabus is crucial.

Reliable Sources for Exam-Related Information

Trustworthy sources for the latest updates on exam-related information.

Adapting Study Plans to Changes

Flexibility in study plans to accommodate any changes in the syllabus.

The Significance of Mock Tests in Staying Current

Mock tests as a tool to stay updated with the evolving nature of exams.

Real-World Examples of the Impact of Updated Syllabi

Cases where staying informed about changes in syllabus influenced exam outcomes.


In conclusion, a comprehensive understanding of the UPSSSC Gram Panchayat Adhikari, Excise Constable, X Ray Technician, Dental, and other various exam syllabi is indispensable for effective preparation. Tailoring study plans, staying updated, and leveraging tips for preparation can significantly enhance the chances of success.


How often does the UPSSSC exam syllabus change?

The UPSSSC exam syllabus undergoes periodic updates. It is advisable to stay informed through official sources for the latest changes.

Are there any recommended study materials for these exams?

Yes, several reputable study materials are available for each exam. Aspirants can consult official guides, practice papers, and recommended books for comprehensive preparation.

Can I rely solely on mock tests for preparation?

While mock tests are valuable for understanding the exam pattern, a well-rounded preparation strategy should include thorough study of the syllabus, revision, and practice papers.

What is the weightage of each section in the exams?

The weightage of each section varies across exams. Candidates should refer to the official exam guidelines for specific details on section-wise distribution.

How can I obtain the latest updates on exam syllabus changes?

To stay updated on exam syllabus changes, regularly check the official UPSSSC website and other reliable sources for announcements and notifications.

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